"Our Sharmooz pillowcases have lasted for years and are still pretty much perfect!!"
Charmaine T.
"I have Sharmooz and I can’t sleep without it!"
Courtney F.
" I LOVE these (satin crib) sheets!! Already own two and coming back for more! Thanks again!"
"After having slept in my scarf for one night and seeing the results of my style the next day I was absolutely floored. I mean, my hair actually looks like it was never slept on or I slept standing up!"
"I absolutely love love love your brand!"
"I love my Sharmooz Satin pillowcase. I purchased 3 to make sure I have them for travel and at home. "
"I sleep on a “Sharmooz” satin pillowcase! I bought it about two years ago and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my curls!
Diana M.
Ann Tibbs Tillage is a brilliant local business woman who is very on trend with the styles she develops but her designs are also smart and practical with one item having multiple uses. She always services her clients professionally and goes above and beyond even as her business Sharmooz has grown by leaps and bounds. I recommend everyone support her!
Traci B.
Best customer service! All my questions were answered!
Happy Customer
I can't sleep on anything else, but my Sharmooz Satin Pillowcase. It travels with me EVERYWHERE!
Shelley B.
Thank you for your prompt and excellent customer service. I will order again!
Kelsey W.
I absolutely love my custom designed evening gown for the Mardi Gras Ball. I was stopped and asked to take pictures like a celebrity.  Thank you for accommadating my needs in such a short notice!
Trici W.
I had the pleasure of meeting Ann Tillage and asked, "Do clients often share that this is the cure for HOT FLASHES?".  She kindly stated, "Yes, quite often."  I have stop sweating at night, I feel cooler and my hair feels wonderful.  I love my Sharmooz Satin Pillowcase and can't leave home without it.
Katy M.
I am amazed. I no longer flat iron my hair everyday.  My hair appears healthier only after one week on using the Sharmooz Satin Pillowcase.
Tiffanny T.
I absolutely love your products and THANK YOU for the custom fit satin pillowcase for my personal Tempur-pedic pillow.
Michelle L.
Got my beautiful Sharmooz Bling Satin Bag today! much prettier in person, so soft and luxurious! loved it! it's roomy too!
Luciana J.
I just got my satin pillowcases last week - i am in love!! The first morning after, I noticed the difference right away (less tangled/frizzy hair)...And throughout the week so far im noticing overall increased manageability and improved condition of my hair :) i could write more but dont want to turn this into an essay! Haha! Im in looove !
Diana M.
The satin pillowcases are incredible.  I noticed the difference right away. I love it!
Karla N.
The products are packaged beautifully.  Thank you for your amazing customer service.
K. Mae
I love my Sharmooz! Cooler nights exist.  I can't go to sleep without it.
Rhonda T.
Just bought purchased a Sharmooz satin pillowcase and loved it. The best night's sleep that I have had in a long time.
Tina M.
Love my Sharmooz! My hair is softer and shinier after only 2 weeks of wearing the satin headwrap!
Jazmine B.
I can't believe how silky my hair feels. My husband has notice the difference. I highly recommend Sharmooz satin pillowcases.
Heather T
I absolutely LOVE my satin pillowcase and hair protector scarf!!! I would highly recommend your satin products to anyone!!!
Ramonda from Baton Rouge, LA
Since, July 2009 I have been wearing a natural style.  When I initially cut all of my hair off I was concerned about my sides as I have always been thin/bald in that area.  I started wearing my Sharmooz in August and began noticing a difference in the bald spot by October. It started slowing filling in and now I am proud to say that the thin/baldness is no longer there.  My hair has grown in that spot and it has allowed me to have more confidence with my new style.  I have also been able to retain better moisture.Thanks Sharmooz for making the difference.
Robin M
When I bought my Sharmooz, I purchased one for my 4 year old daughter.  She has very thick, tight curled natural hair that tends to get dry. We started her to wearing her Sharmooz, which she won't got to sleep with out, and her hair retained moisture much better than before. Also, areas around the edges of her hairline are not as thin as they once was. Thanks Sharmooz you have done it this time.
I can never go to sleep again without my Sharmooz Satin Headwrap. Love it and all your products. You guys know what would be a nice...just a square cut piece of your lovely satin so we can tie it many ways...Thanxs
Terri from Houston, TX
You have beautiful and quality products.
Kimberly Beauchamp
Your products are so innovative!
Katie from Clearfield, UT
I would LOVE to try any of your products!
Briann Neeley from Spanish Fork, UT
My daughter and I absolutely love our Sharmooz Satin headwraps!! We have definitely noticed a drastic improvement in the condition of our hair since using this product, and we love the chic style/prints! Would recommend to anyone!!
Danielle Hall from Dallas, TX
I am LOVING my Sharmooz Satin Pillowcase!!
Amy G.
Ann, thanks so much! All three of my girls love the satin head wraps. Will get more for gifts.
Angela B. from Prairieville, LA
I had the privilege of meeting Mrs. Tillage while I was coordinating a children's fashion show fundraiser. She was excited about the event and quickly volunteered her company to prepare "Thank You" bags for the models! So moved by MY attempts, she's also volunteering a silent auction item for our next event AND recruiting items from other businesses in the P.O.S.H. network! I attended the business mixer she hosted on behalf of Sisters Supporting Sisters, and may I say the event was "high end" from beginning to finish! Baton Rouge has truly received a "gift" in Mrs. Tillage and The Sharmooz and the best is yet to come!
Vedette Bush-Jones from Baton Rouge, LA
This really works!!! I started using this when my baby was first born and she didn't lose any hair and she has a head full of thick curly hair...that I can't comb thru...LOL Thanks! This is a wonderful product.
Ashlee Jasmyn's Mommy from Houston, TX
I love the infant satin headrest. I have two - one to use in the carseat and one to use at home. Alexandria loves it also. She has a head full of hair and no thin spots at 5 months old!
Alexandria's Mommy from Baton Rouge, LA
Thank you so much. It's absolutely beautiful, and my friend loved it. Your matching box and bag made for a lovely presentation.
Christine T.
Very glad to report that the baby satin headrest lived up to it's name. My child had no balding and has a healthy head full of hair.
Dana P. from Baton Rouge, LA
The Baby Satin Headrest is amazing and beautifully luxurious! I gave the sets as baby shower gifts and everybody loved them and wanted to place orders for more. They were even more excited when they realized they could order for adults too... get the animal print ready! Thank you for such a great product.
Queenie from West Hollywood, CA
This a great product - my friends and I rave about our satin pillowcases and wraps.
April from Sanford, NC