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"Cities in Southern Louisiana have been 70-90% destroyed. Unfortunately, the national media has led outsiders to believe that the damage has not been serious. The devastation is real and losses have been catastrophic. Many casualties have occurred when the city where the production center is located was suddenly, unexpectedly, and wholly swallowed by water in what has been called a “thousand-year flood”.  Unfortunately, the Sharmooz team was ordered to evacuate the production center. Our team members went home to either be with their families or to pack as many items as they could and flee to the safety of another city.  The production center was flooded to the ceiling. All notions, supplies, sewing machines, and materials were destroyed. But, all lives were saved. Thankfully, we had another location that was able to continue filling some orders and have limited inventory available until the production center recovers from this devastating storm. We have helped our neighbors and fellow citizens recover from the loss of this historic flood and will continue to support our community in their time of need.  We will offer limited items for sale until the production center is operational to its full capacity. Thank you for your patience during our transition back to normalcy."

Ann Tillage is the founder and owner of The Sharmooz, a boutique company that specializes in Satin Beauty Accessories. She is the 3rd generation (click on article) in a family of seamstresses, designers, and business owners. She comes from a long line of fashion forward, entrepreneur-minded women, so when she created a product that every woman needs, she committed to making it available.


Ann left corporate America to become a stay-at-home mom. During that time, she noticed that her infant son was developing an unsightly bald spot from rubbing against crib sheets and his carrier, and she couldn’t stand the thought of him losing that beautiful baby hair. A seamstress at heart, she used her knowledge of fabric to invent a solution—a Charmeuse Satin headrest that she playfully called a Sharmooz. Soon all her mama friends wanted a Sharmooz of their own, and her company was born.


Cotton is a great fabric for many reasons, but it’s not best for sleeping because it soaks up moisture that hair and skin need to stay healthy. After creating the original infant Sharmooz, she quickly found that the ideas easily translated for adult hair and skin care as well. Now she offers a number of products for adults as well, including charmeuse satin pillowcases, sleeping bonnets, snoods, and fashion scarves. Recently she expanded her brand further to include dresses, jumpsuits, custom gowns, and much more. Satin Beauty accessories are available on All other items upon request via 


Ann’s success and products have been recognized in a number of fun ways. She received the Day of Service Reward for community projects with Mobile Fashion Camp - a non-profit founded by Ann Tillage ( was also featured on a billboard advertisement for the American Cancer Society’s More Birthdays Campaign. Her products have been featured on news shows and are highly recommended by numerous salons and beauty professionals, including celebrity stylist Toni Belle. Her products have even shown up on the silver screen, in the movie On Angel’s Wings, and on the small screen in ABC’s Suburgatory. However, the best reward is a satisfied customer. One client raved, “After having slept in my scarf for one night and seeing the results of my style the next day I was absolutely floored. I mean, my hair actually looks like it was never slept on or I slept standing up!"  Click here for more testimonials.


Whether she’s working on her product or hanging at home, Ann loves luxury. She loves fashion shows (especially when her product is featured in them!) and always wears heels. She thinks the best answers to a rough day are white chocolate covered strawberries and a pedicure. Looking to connect? Find her at,, IG: Sharmooz


"Self confidence opens all doors. Wear yours daily and no door shall appear closed."~ Ann Tillage


Product Pictures by Ron Carr Photograpy, Jafar Pierre Photography, Jerrold Oatis Photography,Kirkland Randall Photography and Jessi Arnold Photography with Hair by Phoenix from Cocoon, Make-up by Cocoon and Aimee Carr of Aimeezing Face, Styling by Channyn Stanley




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