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"not your mother's" satin bonnet (Zebra) Order Now

Sharmooz™ Satin Bonnets will sooth your hair's transition from night to morning.  Wake-up feeling confident your hair is protected with the sensually soft charmeuse satin. Our contemporary style, satin bonnets are perfect for natural, straight, synthetic (hair extensions) and "curly" hairstyles.  Our Satin Bonnet for GIRLS make it easy to maintain your hairstyles, softness and moisture. Satin Bonnets are lined with our signature Black Onyx Satin.

NEW "stay-on" Satin Bonnet for GIRLS:

  • Double-sided Charmeuse satin for durability
  • Fits from ages 3-10
  • Adjustable easy-to-tie method
  • Protect hair styles while they sleep



PLEASE NOTE: All products are made in the USA and hand inspected to ensure the finest quality. Orders are shipped within 14 business days.

Sale: $27.71
Save: 25% off


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