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Sharmooz™ gives a new meaning to beauty sleep by providing a proven solution!.  Our Sharmooz™ Silk Crescent Scarfpillow are beautiful additions to the line of Sharmooz luxury products. This silk scarf is packaged beautifully just for gift giving. Here again, you’ll help your hair retain its natural moisture instead of wicking it away. The hair won’t break or tangle on our silk scarf.  The Sharmooz™ Silk Crescent Scarf sets itself apart from others because Sharmooz will only use 100% silk, 16 Momme.

We would like our customers to know a couple of facts about the silk we use:

  • Sharmooz™ Silk is hypoallergenic. You don’t have to don’t worry about allergens when you sleep on a silk product. The fabric naturally contains Sericin, which is an amino acid that prevents the growth of allergens.
  • Our high-quality Silk pillowcase and Silk Crecent Scarf is top of the line; we therefore recommend that you use very gentle cleaners to wash your pillow case like: Le Blanc Silk Wash. This solution will lift stains while helping to maintain the delicate fibers.
  • The Silk Crescent Scarf is double-sided 15"x 66" crescent shaped and is perfect for wrapping the hair at night or modern wrapped styles for the day while protecting the hair in a styling manner.

... or choose our "washer-friendly" effective Beauty Satin Pillowcases and/or Boutique Scarve alternatives

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PLEASE NOTE: All products are made in the USA and hand inspected to ensure the finest quality. Orders are shipped within 14 business days.

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